Spatial Extremes, Theory and Applications - SETA2009
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Spatial Extremes, Theory and Applications

- SETA 2009 -


Lisbon, Parque das Nações, 2009, April, 6 - 8

Organized by CEAUL, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon

 NEW!  The displays of most of the presentations given at the workshop are now available by clicking on the titles of the talks in the list of  Speakers

 Focus of the Workshop

The workshop is concerned with data of a spatial character such as rainfall, air pollution, waves at sea etc. The focus is on extreme behaviour of variables such as exceptionally damaging rainfall, a very high concentration of pollutants over some area. Since these phenomena have a strong random component the models to be used need to be random models i.e. stochastic processes in space and possibly also in time describing extreme phenomena. This area of research has been opened up only recently and we bring together specialists with varying backgrounds and view points: the background may be meteorology (van den Brink), physical modelling  (Rychlik), geostatistics (Cooley, Schlather) or probabilistic/statistical (Anderson, Drees, Einmahl, Walshaw). We expect a lively meeting by bringing together outstanding scientists from various backgrounds studying the same phenomena.

The workshop is organised joinly by the FCT/MCTES research projects:
 "Spatial Extremes" PTDC/MAT/ 64924/2006
 "Statistical Methods in Genetics and Environment", PTDC/MAT/64353/2006   

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